2024 Junior Winter Season

Taranaki Hockey continues to align it's junior hockey with Hockey New Zealand's Small Sticks Programme. All mini teams plays 6-a-side hockey, with the field size changing to reflect the level of hockey experience and the age of the hockey players. SmallSticks is played at both Stratford and New Plymouth turfs. 

Taranaki Hockey’s Junior Competition is a school based competition for players years 1-6. The game formats vary for each year group. Normal HNZ safety rules apply to each game format and the local Taranaki Hockey playing rules to be enforced.

Apart from registering through the schools, registrations are also open to 
individuals (eg. home schooled children) who wish to play hockey . Please email competitions@taranakihockey.org.nz and provide us information such as name, address, gender, dob, year level and level of experience and we will try and find a team for you.


The following Game formats are available at both Stratford and New Plymouth, and each team should have a person available to umpire:

  • Year 5 & 6 Kiwi Sticks: There will be two competition formats: 
    Kiwi Sticks (Experienced players, 1/2 field for 40 minutes) and 
    Kiwi Sticks Development (fairly new or new to hockey, 1/4 field for 40 minutes)
  • Year 3 & 4 Mini Sticks: There will be two competition formats: 
    Mini Sticks (experienced players, 1/4 field for 40 minutes) and 
    Mini Sticks Development (fairly new or new to hockey, 1/4 field for 40minutes)
  • Fun Sticks: This programme is developed for children in year 1&2 at school and 4 to 6 year olds who are ‘new players’ and relatively new to the game of hockey. It is an introduction to hockey with an emphasis on being a fun experience. This is an opportunity to develop fundamental skills, players to learn by self-exploring with full involvement for all participants. A positive and quality coaching environment with regular changes of activities to maintain enthusiasm and interest within a safe environment.


Central Taranaki (Stratford)

  • Primary starts: 29 April 2024

Fun Sticks (Stratford) 

  • Starts: 29 April 2024

North Taranaki (New Plymouth):

Primary starts: 4 May 2024

​​​​​​​Fun Sticks (New Plymouth)

  • Starts: 4 May 2024


Year 7 & 8  Kwik Sticks (mixed gender): 7 aside full field hockey 25 min halves

  • New Plymouth starts: 3 May 2024
  • Stratford starts: 2 May 2024

Draws & Results will available from the Taranaki Hockey home page mid April 2024.

Any questions please contact competitions@taranakihockey.org.nz