NHC 2023 pre-season training block

With a revamped campaign structure for the NHC men's and women's sides in 2023, we are excited to kick start with an initial “Pre-season” muster block. 

This will see us run 2 turf sessions in April then the aim will be to pick a few squads to play a game or 2 against the U18 men's and women's teams while they prep for their upcoming tournaments.

The idea of this “Pre-season” block will be to gauge interest from our locally based players and also our uni and outside of the region-based players to form a “Training group”. This group will work through the season in preparation for NHC in September.

Formal Taranaki Mens and Women's NHC team trials will not be until July.

The National Hockey Championship in 2023 is going to be hosted by Waikato Hockey from the 10th-16th September

Pre-season block session dates:

6th April 

Women 6:15-7:30

Men 7:30 - 8:45

13th April 

Women 6:15-7:30

Men 7:30 - 8:45

16th April 

Games vs U18 

Times TBC

Please fill out the form on Play HQ  below to express your interest in this campaign, More information to follow via email.